We work with the land when the land doesn’t work.

The less-than-level terrain found in many areas of Nova Scotia often restricts placement of gardens, patios, lawns, fences and other outdoor elements. Drainage can also be a concern due to heavily sloped areas.  Green Ideas has extensive experience creating solutions for these problem areas.

Stacked Flagstone Wall
Natural Stone Wall
Stone Slab Stairs
Contemporary Terrace
Stone Wall Patio

Through the addition or removal of material, held in place with carefully planned stone, concrete or wooden retaining walls, we can mold the land to create a functional, attractive space.

Natural Wall with Steps

Our hardworking, enthusiastic team has a passion for landscaping and a love for the environment. We believe that a properly executed outdoor setting is not only lovely to look at – it creates opportunity for rest, recreation and renewal for homeowners and communities.