Enjoy every corner of your property with ease.

Sloped terrain shouldn’t be seen as a dead end for hard-to-reach areas of your yard. Whether to enhance your home’s curb appeal, to provide an inviting approach to a backdoor, or required to grant comfortable access to steep or uneven terrain, Green Ideas has an answer.

Custom Bench With Storage
Outdoor Kitchen
Stone Slab Stairs
Contemporary Terrace
Stone Wall Patio

Working around the land’s natural contours, we use durable, attractive materials such as natural stone, interlocking brick and treated lumber to create beautiful and functional stairways and paths.

Pool Patio Space

Our hardworking, enthusiastic team has a passion for landscaping and a love for the environment. We believe that a properly executed outdoor setting is not only lovely to look at – it creates opportunity for rest, recreation and renewal for homeowners and communities.