Ideal for entertaining and relaxing, or simply to increase accessibility, a stone patio makes an inviting addition to any home. Green Ideas works extensively with natural stone and a quality selection of man-made products, available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, colours and textures. We help to determine placement and shape that accommodates the terrain and your budget, and work with you to select quality, beautiful materials suited to your home’s aesthetics.

Custom Bench With Storage
Outdoor Kitchen
Stone Slab Stairs
Contemporary Terrace
Stone Wall Patio

Our installers have extensive experience and take great pride in the finished product.  While it’s the surface that gets the most attention, the most important part of a stone patio is what’s underneath: We take special care to properly compact and stabilize the sub base to minimize settling and stone movement over time, ensuring that your patio is attractive today and for years to come.

Pool Patio Space

Our hardworking, enthusiastic team has a passion for landscaping and a love for the environment. We believe that a properly executed outdoor setting is not only lovely to look at – it creates opportunity for rest, recreation and renewal for homeowners and communities.

Stone Patios & Pathways

Extend your living space with beautiful hardscaping.